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Sustainable Construction Site Management

Reorganising Construction Site Procedures

OEKOTECHNA - Entsorgungs- und Umwelttechnik Ges.m.b.H. concentrates on optimising the sustainable management of construction sites.

Three pilot projects have been launched within the framework of RUMBA:

  • Creating a waste separation point for residual building materials at the construction site.
  • Two pilot construction sites optimised to meet ecological criteria. The main focus is on reducing traffic obstructions and dust emissions caused by the construction sites.

At the same time, optimised construction site logistics and improved façade coverage or hoarding are to improve the aesthetic integration of the pilot construction sites into the cityscape.

The following interim results are already available:

Work Package "Calls for Tender ": The subreports contain recommendations for tendering papers that allow for sustainable construction site management. Some of the results are already available (in German) under item 3.1. (Rahmenbedingungen - Ausschreibungen", i.e. "Framework Conditions - Calls for Tender"). The reports further include tendering papers and requirements for central waste management on construction sites. Download ...

Work Package "Waste Separation Point": This subreport specifies the requirements for a central waste separation point on construction sites. Download ...

Work Package "Training": This subreport specifies the requirements for professional training in the field of sustainable construction site management, including the key staff qualifications needed in this field. Download ...

Work Package "Seiersberg Demonstration Project": This subreport provides comprehensive information on the "Seiersberg demonstration project. Individual elements of an ecologically managed building site were implemented for this work package in order to provide concrete examples (e.g. waste separation point). Download ...

Transport of Construction Site Waste: This subreport compares the effects of conventional waste disposal systems and local waste separation points in terms of transport needs. Download ...

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