rumba Guidelines for Sustainable Construction Site Management life

Shifting Construction Site Transport from Road to Rail

Construction Sites Equipped with Rail Logistics

Mischek Bau AG has been using a rail logistics concept for the transport of prefabricated concrete building elements to construction sites.

Under the RUMBA project, Mischek is currently setting up three new construction sites for demonstration purposes. All of the excavated material is to be transported from the demonstration sites to the landfill by rail, the necessary supply of gravel will equally be by rail, and the concrete will be mixed in a mobile mixing facility directly at the transhipment yard.

The project partners of Mischek Bau AG in the demonstration project are:

  • Porr Umwelttechnik GmbH
  • H. Riedmüller

The interim report on "construction site logistics" is available for download in pdf format.

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