rumba Guidelines for Sustainable Construction Site Management life


Project information and results can be downloaded from the RUMBA website. For further information, please contact the person in charge of the respective work package, or send an e-mail to the project team.

Framework Conditions


  • RUMBA-Guide Part 1 - General Introduction.
    Download PDF (4.8Mb, german only)
  • RUMBA-Guide Part 2 - Measures and Activities for Building Site Types.
    Download PDF (4.8Mb, german only)
  • RUMBA-Guide Part 3 - Case Studies: Measures, Effects, Costs.
    Download PDF (5.7Mb, german only)

Work Package 3.1.: System Analysis, Objectives, Indicators. Download PDF-File (german version only)

Work Package 3.2.: Instruments: Regulatory Framework and Funding. Download PDF-File (german version only; 0.3 Mb)

Work Package 3.3.: Instruments: Calls for Tender. Download PDF-File (german version only)

Work Package 3.4.: Construction Logistics Centres, Version 2 as of October 2003. Download PDF-File (german version only)

Work Package 3.5.: Monitoring Filters and Construction Site Types. No files available for download at present.

Ecological Construction Site Management

Work Package "Calls For Tender": Sustainable Construction Site Management, Centralised Waste Management.

Work Package "Waste Separation Point": Documentation on a central waste separation point for construction sites. Download file Sortierinsel.pdf (german version only)

Work Package "Training": Professional training and qualification profile for "Sustainable Construction Site Management" Download PDF-File (german version only)

Work Package "Seiersberg": Documentation on the Seiersberg demonstration site.

Building Site Waste Transport: Comparison of transport movements (german version only;57 kB).

Work Package "From Road to Rail": Subreport on "Construction Site Logistics" (german version only; 309 kB).

Urban Development and Design Competition

Results of the Competition: Version of september 2004, german only, (309 kB)

RUMBA Roundtables

2nd RUMBA Roundtable "Construction Logistics Centres", 23 June 2003 Generali Tower, Vienna.

3rd RUMBA Roundtable "International Experiences in Construction Site Logistics",27 October 2003, Kreisky Forum, Vienna.

4th RUMBA Roundtable "Communication on Construction Sites and with Local Residents", 8 March 2004 at the Kreisky Forum, Vienna.


Further Materials for Download

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