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If you are interested in co-operating with the project, you are welcome to join the RUMBA Roundtables. They are held by the project team in the form of workshops in order to address external experts and others.

If you would like to know more about this opportunity for co-operation or have any other questions regarding the RUMBA project, please contact us via our co-operation e-mail.

2nd RUMBA Roundtable "Construction Logistics Centres"

On 23 June 2003 about 40 experts from the construction industry and the fields of logistics, administration and consulting attended a meeting at the Vienna Generali Tower on perspectives for the establishment of construction logistics centres in Vienna as a means of shifting construction site related heavy-goods traffic from road to rail transport. This will require close co-operation between the construction industry, developers, logistics service suppliers and, of course, the public administration.

The roundtable presentations are available for download.

3rd RUMBA Roundtable "International Experiences in Construction Logistics "

On 27 October 2003 over 50 experts met at the Kreisky Forum in Vienna to discuss ~International Experiences in Construction Logistics~. Several examples from Germany (Berlin Spreebogen, Münster, etc.) were used as a basis for discussing the possibilities and problems of implementing sustainable construction logistics. The presentations are available for download.

4th RUMBA Roundtable "Communication on Construction Sites and with Local Residents"

In the context of the Roundtable on ~Communication on Construction Sites and with Local Residents" more than 60 administrative officials, policymakers and planning experts met at the Kreisky Forum in Vienna on 8 March 2004 to discuss the many uses of modern communications and information policy in construction site management. The workshop documentation including all presentations and the minutes of all meetings are available for download.

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