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Guidelines for Sustainable Construction Site Management

Under the RUMBA project, the City of Vienna aims to develop a regulatory framework for sustainable construction site management in co-operation with all major parties in the building industry.

This framework includes legislation, standards, guidelines and regulations, calls for tender, contracts, subsidies, issues pertaining to the location of building logistics centres as well as questions of efficiency, costs, technology and organisation. The demonstration projects conducted by the project partners are designed to provide practical experience and proof of feasibility.

The primary project result is to be a set of "Guidelines for Sustainable Construction Site Management".

The following interim results are available by now:

Work Package 3.1.: System Analysis, Objectives, Indicators. The interim report contains general information on the project, lays down the project objectives and describes the general problems encountered in construction site logistics. Download ...

Work Package 3.2.: Instruments: Regulatory Framework and Funding. The interim report discusses the primary legal regulations and funding instruments for construction site logistics. Download ...

Work Package 3.3.: Instruments: Calls for Tender. The interim report contains examples for a "Sustainable Service Catalogue" designed as a future tool for the construction industry. Preliminary drafts for the individual services are available for download.

Work Package 3.4.: Construction Logistics Centres. This WP focuses on defining the basic principles, requirements and options for the implementation of construction logistics centres in Vienna. A first draft of the WP report is available for download.

Work Package 3.5.: Monitoring Filters and Construction Site Types: This WP develops a typology of construction sites (rehabilitation, new construction) that is to serve as a basis for a number of recommendations and measures to be included in the guidelines. The interim report is not yet available for download.

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