rumba Guidelines for Sustainable Construction Site Management life

Project Objectives

  • to reduce heavy goods vehicle (HGV) traffic in the construction industry by enhancing the role of rail transport.
  • to improve the aesthetic incorporation of construction sites into the cityscape, and to cut down on traffic obstructions and dust emissions caused by construction sites;
  • to encourage pre-sorting of residual building materials directly on the building site;
  • to develop an institutional regulatory framework for environment-oriented building site logistics;
  • to develop check-lists for building projects and construction sites in order to reduce their negative environmental impact;
  • to draw up a set of guidelines for sustainable construction site management.

Project Financing

Funding from the EU Life programme accounts for one third of the RUMBA project budget, two thirds are contributed by the project partners involved.

Project Term

The project was started in November 2001 and will be concluded in November 2004.

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